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1999 Gold Medal

San Francisco, CA

Yerba Buena Gardens is an 87 acre mixed-use urban development in the South of Market district of San Francisco.

It is a diverse, contemporary mix of buildings and uses, comprising a cultural center with over two dozen museums and galleries; an open space network with a 5.5 acre park; children's' facilities; a child care center; housing for a variety of income levels; entertainment facilities; and one of the most heavily used convention center facilities in the world.

The project has helped to reclaim a blighted sector of San Francisco, has provided jobs, cultural amenities and open space to residents; and has supported the growing tourism industry in San Francisco. In the aggregate, this rich mix of facilities has created a new downtown neighborhood and cultural district, while creating thousands of temporary and permanent jobs and "the most concentrated arts district west of the Hudson River." (Newsweek, January 1995).

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