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Childrens' Museum of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA

The Bruner Foundation is pleased to award a 2007 Gold Medal and $50,000 to the Childrens' Museum of Pittsburgh. The 2007 Selection Committee selected the Museum from a field of over 90 applications from around the country, as an outstanding example of urban placemaking and as a model for in institution assuming a leadership role in urban revitalization. The Committee commended the project for:
  • Linking together green design and historic preservation with a handsome contemporary structure;
  • Conducting an innovative development process, which included use of charettes, competition and public participation;
  • Providing an innovative model for a cultural organization serving as a catalyst for change in an under-served urban neighborhood;
  • Maintaining a high level of quality in the design of exhibits and the environment of the Museum to serve many age groups.
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